Water Re-use

In water re-use applications, a Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) often plays a key role. The major difference between conventional activated sludge (CAS) and MBR application is the footprint. Since CAS systems rely on clarifiers to remove solids, they are limited in the biomass concentration in bioreactors. The use of a membrane barrier layer to remove solids allows decoupling of a plants’ hydraulic and solids retention time. Therefore, MBR’s can be operated at much higher mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations, reducing plant footprint significantly. The combination of high effluent quality, smallest footprint and low life cycle cost, often results in MBR technology to be included in water re-use applications.

Our group has extensive experience in the design and construction of larger MBR installations in various applications. We design and build MBR’s in conventional biological applications. In addition, we also integrate MBR’s with our Anammox NAS systems. In case re-use water quality of at minimum drinking water standards is required, we combine the MBR with a downstream Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration step for the final removal of salts.