UV Disinfection

Aquest Colsen is the exclusive distributor for Trojan UV in South Africa. Trojan UV is the world’s largest water treatment company specialising in ultraviolet technologies. This singular dedication, combined with 40 years’ experience, makes Trojan the industry leader in both municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment as well as potable reuse applications. Aquest Colsen has a team of Trojan service engineers and a warehouse of spares, providing aftermarket support for critical municipal installations.

Drinking water and waste water disinfection

Trojan UV designs and manufactures pressurised and open channel UV disinfection systems for both municipal wastewater and drinking water applications. Trojan has the largest installed base of UV disinfection systems in the world, with over 10 000 municipal wastewater facilities. From small rural communities to the largest metros like New York City, Trojan provides effective, validated solutions across a vast range of water qualities. The global shift from chlorine disinfection to a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solution has seen Trojan UV systems gaining traction across the globe.

Trojan also offers the most advanced UV systems in the world for safeguarding drinking water from harmful microorganisms, without producing harmful by-products or affecting the colour, taste or odour of the water. Trojan UV has unrivalled depth of experience when it comes to drinking water primary disinfection and boasts the largest UV drinking water facility in the world. Through extensive R&D, Trojan is diversifying its technology with innovative systems that integrate existing chemical disinfection with UV to reduce costs. The cost of UV technology is typically about 20% of ozone disinfection and 10% of membrane filtration to achieve similar results.

Advanced Oxidation Process

With the limited quantity and quality of freshwater resources in southern Africa, the need for direct and indirect potable reuse has been brought to the fore. As such, the removal of contaminants of concern (COC) such as caffeine, 1.4 dioxane and nitroso dimethylamine in potable reuse applications has become critical to the success of projects using UV light combined with advanced oxidation processes (AOP).

What makes Trojan the world leaders in UV/AOP is the strong focus on R&D, allowing for innovation, continuous advancements, and engineering flexibility. It is no surprise that the vast majority of municipal UV/AOP projects around the globe use the Trojan UV system.