Biogas Desulphurisation

Untreated biogas can cause serious, costly and permanent damage to boilers, cogeneration systems or biogas upgrading systems. The energy-efficient BIDOX® guarantees that all treated biogas will contain low levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), reducing the operating costs of biogas processing systems, because no chemical additives are required.



Wherever biogas is produced or used, you will find a biogas treatment system that either increases pressure, desulphurises or dries the gas, so that it can be used in a boiler, cogeneration system, engine or green gas upgrading system. BIDOX® systems can be used at biogas and landfill gas installations, treating gas with H2S concentrations up to 10,000 ppm.


The sulphur-containing biogas is treated with aerobic bacteria in a biological gas scrubber, removing H2S under aerobic conditions. A small amount of the washing water is discharged from the BIDOX® and fed into an existing wastewater treatment system, or used as a diluted sulphuric acid or herbicide. The bacteria in the BIDOX® require only a small amount of trace elements and minimal aeration, resulting in low operating costs. Nutridox® contains the perfect mix of trace elements. The open gasket material and optimised design help prevent blockages in the BIDOX®.


The BIDOX® is characterised by:

  • Low operating costs
  • Biological process, requiring no chemicals