Waste Water Treatment

Aquest Colsen designs, specifies and executes building site direction of several kinds of wastewater treatment installations for industrial- and communal wastewater. These installations are designed to deal with the local climatological conditions and specific customer demands.

In collaboration with our customer we select the best available techniques for the project. Based on a feasibility study and business plan, we prepare all arguments for a balanced decision making process for our clients. 

During the various phases of the project we can deliver:

  • Executing the necessary investigations in the factory or plant and implementing possible forthcoming adjustments
  • Production of the necessary plans/specifications for the (waste)water treatment stages
  • Generation of the required licenses and other governmental documentation.
  • Foundations and motivating subsidy applications
  • Construction supervision
  • Start-up of the (waste)water treatment installations
  • Training of staff

During the project period Aquest Colsen supports the customer in any possible way to fulfill the realization of the wastewater treatment installation. If the customer wishes to collaborate with us on the terms of a turn-key delivery, we will deliver the total wastewater treatment installation including all aspects of the project.


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