Digestion of Organic Waste

In the field of energy, the industry continuously relies and depends on the supply of fossil fuels. Due to the ongoing increases of energy costs and the major dependence in relation to the production processes, an alternative energy source is advisable for the industry.

The food- and raw materials industry (primary sector of the economy) often has a substantial constant volume of an organic residue classified as a secondary product. This organic residue has a high potential as raw material for the production of energy. 

Within our group we have developed an alternative procedure for the generation of energy out of organic waste, whilst optimising the energy production and handling of the remaining waste streams. We treat the organic residues in a mesophilic- or thermophilic digester installation and treat the digestate in a specifically developed digestate treatment installation. This principle results in the treatment of the organic residues into biogas, green energy, compost, fertiliser and water consisting of a quality to discharge to the surrounding surface waters.


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