Digestate Treatment

We are focusing strongly on development trajectories with an added value for the user of a digestion plant. The outcome of these developments are mainly screened on their sustainability and economical viable implementation.

Trough this approach, we have adjusted our wastewater treatment techniques for phosphorus- and nitrogen removal and optimized those technologies to apply for the treatment of digestate after (manure)digestion. These patented techniques make it possible to convert the digestate to irrigation water or to make the digestate suitable for discharge to the surrounding surface waters. Additional treatment could result in an increase of water reuse by supplying the water to nearby industries or usage within the factory itself.

The technology used for digestate treatment can consist of:

  • Separation technique to separate the solid fraction from the liquid fraction in the digestate retrieved directly from the digester
  • Treatment of the liquid fraction in an UASB-reactor
  • Phosphorus removal by the ANPHOS® principle
  • Nitrogen removal by the NAS® principle
  • Nitrogen removal by the MBR-NAS® principle


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