Poul AR: Unlocking the value of Poultry Manure

Published Thursday, 19 April 2018

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South Africans love their chicken dishes. The large demand for poultry results in large local centres nearby the Metro Cities where poultry is grown and processed. The manure generated in the stables is for a large extend spread on land or blended with other materials as a low yielding fertilizer. This conventional approach does not unlock the full value of the components present in the manure.

By application to innovative Poul AR technology, the ammonia present in the manure can be removed and converted to a high value Ammonia Nitrate or Ammonia Sulphate fertilizer. The added benefit of removing the ammonia is that the Poultry manure can now be processed in an anaerobic digester and biogas can be produced, without dilution with other feedstock or large amounts of water. Poul AR is the most sustainable and financially attractive technology to fully unlock all value captured in this resource.

Aquest Colsen currently operates our Poul AR pilot plant at one of the largest poultry processing facilities in the Country. Results will be presented at various symposia and at the SAPA congress 2019.

This project is part of the International Climate Initiative (www.international-climate-initiative.com). The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUM) supports this initiative on the bases of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.

Federal Ministry

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