Installation of first closed vessel UV reactor for wastewater disinfection in South Africa

Published Friday, 08 April 2016

2015 06 04 17.30.30

The installation of the first, closed vessel and medium pressure UV system in South Africa, produced by Berson UV system in the Netherlands, is about to start in Durban in mid of April this year.
The joint venture consortium consisting of GIBB (Engineers and project lead), Aquest Colsen (UV specialist and research partner) and Heydricks Civil (Civil and mechanical contractor) has been awarded the contract by eThekwini Water and Sanitation to install a full scale pilot UV reactor at Amanzimtoti wastewater treatment works. The Amanzimtoti WWTW was chosen as ideal location for this project as it allows to compare the closed vessel UV reactor directly to conventional disinfection using chlorination. The eastern chlorination contact chamber will be bypassed with the new UV system. The western chlorination contact chamber remains active and will be operated in parallel to the UV reactor. This will be the first time a closed vessel UV reactor for disinfection of wastewater is installed in South Africa.
The benefits of medium pressure, closed vessel UV reactors are manifold with foremost being the only total barrier against Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which can cause serious intestine infections in humans. Cryptosporidium and Giardia cannot be disinfected using conventional chlorination. Additionally, closed vessel UV systems are more robust and have much lower maintenance requirements as open channel UV systems, do not produce any disinfection by-products and are safer to operate as the operator is not exposed to any hazardous chemicals compared to conventional chlorination.
The project entails a half year operation and research component, which will be conducted by Aquest Colsen. In this period thorough testing and measurements will be conducted to assess the performance of the UV disinfection system. The results shall support the eThekwini Municipality in their decision making for implementation of further UV systems within the municipal boundaries. Berson UV systems is represented by Winelands UV technology and Aquest Colsen in South Africa.

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