Alternative water supply and treatment for consumer goods production facility, Durban

Published Tuesday, 08 November 2016

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Our client, an international consumer goods producer with a production facility in Durban, experiences the pressure on the availability of water due to the persistent drought in South Africa. Dropping dam levels result in higher risk for an intermittent water supply, with subsequent high risks for unplanned and forced production stops in case no water is available.

Aquest Colsen acts as a one stop solution provider for our client to provide the necessary licences and approvals for the usage of groundwater, the drilling and completion of boreholes and installation of a Reverse Osmosis membrane treatment plant, including pre and post treatment steps, storage of water, disinfection and pumping. The alternative water supply will be integrated in the piping network and provides flexibility in the much needed water supply for our client.

Aquest Colsen currently executes multiple projects for clients in South Africa related to the purification of municipal or alternative water supply sources to standards required by the industry.

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